Current read (Xmas gift) – Minxy Vintage by Kelly Doust

How can you find the best vintage pieces, or know them when you see them? And how can you customize and wear them, without looking dated? Crafter, fashionista, and vintage vixen Kelly Doust delves into her wardrobe and scours flea markets far and wide to bring together a fabulous collection of delectable vintage finds. A vintage moth-holed slip is frozen to kill its moth problem, its straps then replaced with French ribbon, and a lovely crimson beaded flower burst sewn on. A classic Burberry trench is drycleaned, then updated with a new silk lining and new red buttons. From flapper dresses to wedding gowns, and cocktail hats to petticoats, this is not just a book about loving vintage fashion, it’s about seeing the wonderful possibilities for updating all old clothes, and how to look fabulous doing so, no matter your age, location, or budget.


minxy vintage


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