How to beat the January blues


It must be all the lovely food and excess of alcohol in December that makes January so depressing.  With no money left after the festivities and the long dark evenings and wet weather it’s no wonder we are fed up and miserable.

So here are a few tips on what I do to cheer myself up during this depressing time of the year;

Do something new – maybe start a new hobby (I have just taken up cross stitch) or join a local club or society, just do something out of the norm. Whether it’s extreme like bungee-jumping or mountain climbing, or a little more sedate like a dressmaking class or joining a reading group, it should make you feel more inspired, positive and hopefully happier.

Book a holiday (If you can afford it) – Apparently psychologists believe that even looking forward to your holiday can do you the power of good as the anticipation of a holiday can make you feel excited by releasing endorphins, your bodies’ natural feel-good hormones. If you can’t afford a holiday (and let’s face it many of us can’t in the current climate) than how about planning a day visit to somewhere you have never been before or buy tickets for a play or concert just something that you can put in your diary and look forward to.

Have a clear out – Give your house a New Year clean and declutter your space. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is a good mantra with the advantage that you may also may manage to free up some space in your home. You may even find that you have room for you own craft corner (I have just set one up in my dining room to help me to get crafting on a more regular basis). Get rid of any unwanted clothes and donate them to charity (not only will you be freeing up space but you will also be doing a good deed at the same time) You’ll be amazed how much better you will then feel.

And finally, just remember it’s only 11 weeks till Easter x

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