New sea glass items listed on Folksy

Just added some new sea glass items to my shop on Folksy.


Bangle Envy

I am now half way through my current Silversmithing course and have a new obsession – silver bangles. I just can’t stop making them.
I have fallen in love with simple thin hammered bangles decorated with tiny silver charms and am frantically trying to make an armful for myself and for my online shop before my course ends in a few weeks time.

photo 2

photo 1

I think they are so pretty for summer and are really comfortable to wear as they are light and make a lovely jingling sound when you move.
I am hoping to list some on my Folksy shop soon (that’s if I can bear not to keep them all myself) I have also made a chunkier hammered sterling silver bangle and a thinner polished one that will be going on sale very soon. So watch this space.
photo 3
You can check out my other listings on my Folksy shop here :

More finished Jewellery projects

gren ring2 bangles4 amber ring2 onyx earrings loop ring2 hammered copper pendant

My Jewellery class finished last week but I will (hopefully) be signing up for the next term in September to make lots more lovely things.

These are a few of my finished projects.

Green stripe Agate set on a brushed sterling silver band

Sterling silver hammered &  polished bangles

Amber set on a polished sterling silver band

Onyx & sterling silver earrings

Twisted wire sterling silver ring

Amber set on a hammered copper pendant


I have had so much fun learning lots of new skills and I’m really pleased with how most things have turned out. I have also had my share of disasters though – I ruined a silver & copper Art Deco sunburst pendant I had spend weeks working on when I was at the final polishing stage. It can be very frustrating when this happens but my tutor Rachael is so encouraging. Hopefully I’ll have another go next term at making another pendant and this time finishing it.

I hope you like seeing my finished projects and some items will be appearing in my Folksy shop very soon.

Silver Jewellery course – things made so far……..

Earlier this year I did something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I enrolled on a silver jewellery making course and since day one have been totally and completely hooked.

I am now on the second term and am still absolutely loving it. It’s amazing to learn how to cut, shape, solder and finish a sheet of metal or a length of wire and be able to create something that you could class as a piece of jewellery.

I have so many ideas and things I want to make but I have to remember that it all takes time, especially if you want something to look nice so I need to learn a valuable lesson – patience.

So here are a few of my projects so far – I hope you like them :

Raw amber & sterling silver wire wrapped pendant


Sterling silver twisted wire knot ring


Hammered copper & sterling silver heart earrings


Hammered copper flower ring & plain polished sterling silver band


Aquamarine stone set hammered silver cloud pendant